The best time to start is today.

The world is becoming increasingly more unsettled. There are strange weather phenomenon, disasters in many countries, and civil unrest at an all-time high worldwide. NOW is the best time to prepare for emergency and disaster survival for your family. It is indeed a MUST for today!

Introducing My Prepper Planner, your planning guide for all things prep.

My Prepper Planner will help you stay organized, plan for any budget, level of experience and timeframe, while also sowing in seeds of encouragement, godly wisdom and scripture to help you prep from a place of FAITH not fear.

We believe that to be prepared in season and out of season (2 Timothy 4:2), we must do so with the wisdom of God and stay out of the fear that tries to overwhelm us each day.

Faith over fear, when we prepare.

My Prepper Planner
Volume 1: FOOD Preparedness Planner

This debut volume, Volume 1 - Food Preparedness Planner, is all about FOOD prepping, including the what, where, when, why and how much of food & water stockpiling, preservation, storage, and much more!

We wanted to get you started with the essentials: Food & Water.
But don’t worry, we’ve added a lot of resources & bonuses to take you much further than just stockpiling food!

Everything you need to start or continue your Emergency Food Preparedness!

This planner is a complete package of everything you need to start your Food Supply Prepping in one convenient place!

Including Food Lists, Inventory Trackers, Canning Plans, Recipe planning, Tips from Seasoned Preppers, Scriptures & Encouragement, Shared Wisdom & Tutorials all in the palm of your hand!

And, the My Prepper Planner is set up as a downloadable file, so that you hold the power to create and print a planner exactly as your family needs.

That means that you decide which pages you need right now and in the future, which pages you want multiples of and which you may want outside your planner (like the amazing lettering posters!), and what order you want the pages to be in. There are so many options and you hold all the power! You create your planner your way, right away, because the best time to start is…TODAY!

What you’ll get inside:

Preparedness 101

Prep Food Lists and Inventory Trackers organized by types of foods & durations of storage:

  • Staples

  • Baking Ingredients

  • Proteins

  • Vegetables

  • Fruits

  • Nuts & Seeds

  • Condiments & Sauces

  • Herbs & Spices

  • Beverages & Drink Mixes

  • Dairy

  • Cooking Oils & Liquids

  • Comfort Foods & Treats

  • Misc. Food Items
    (Including pets)

Food Storage Tips & Wisdom

Food Preservation Types and Tutorials

Food Pantry Tips for Duration Storage

Food Inventory Trackers by Duration

  • Short-Term, Medium-Term and Long-Term inventory trackers

Planning Your Canning

Canning Recipe Cards

Prep Meal Recipe Cards

Water Prep Tips

Water Inventory Tracker

Water Locator Tracker


One Word Can Fix it.

Sometimes, prepping can feel overwhelming and even anxiety-inducing. That is why I included so many handwritten encouragements for you to print and fill your home and spaces with.

Sometimes, we just need a beautiful little reminder that we are not alone, and that we have nothing to fear.

But these posters are just some of the bonuses I’ve included for you…

Over 50 Pages
of BONUSES Included!

Common Mistakes Preppers Make

Wise Prepper Rules

Lessons from The Great Depression

Hierarchy of Needs

Family Needs Planner

12-Month Seasonal Stockpile Planners

12-Month Seasonal Stockpile
Mini Planner

30 items to Stock up on now
(30 in 30)

Kitchen Conversions cheat sheet

Cuts of Meat cheat sheet

Cooking Without Electricity Tips and Wisdom

10 Healthy Ways to Prep & Eat


SNEAK PEEK! My Prepper Planner: Volume 3 - Gear Preparedness Planner: First Aid Kit List & Planner

And all those Posters to print & hang around your home for encouragement along the way!

My Prepper Planner:
Volume 1 - Food Preparedness


My Prepper Planner will help you and your family prepare for emergencies or disasters that might come your way. It is the best place to start or to continue your prepping, with over 150 pages of inventory trackers, pro tips, prepper tutorials and godly encouragement to keep you well-organized and free from fear!

It is a must have planner for every family that wants to be prepared in season and out. Get yours now and start prepping with ease today!

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All You Need To Start Prepping In One Place!

This printable planner is a complete package of all things Food Prep and more!

Get yours today & start prepping wiser now!

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My Prepper Planner

Faith over Fear, when we prepare.

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